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West Bank Of Luxor Full Day

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Visit Luxor, the world’s largest open-air museum located in the west bank of


  • Visit Valley of Kings
  • Admire Temple Of Habu
  • Marvel at Hatshepsut Temple
  • Then visit Deir El Madina
  • Then a tour in Colossi of Memnon

What you will do

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Valley of Kings

The best of the best … most impressive and extraordinary site you can ever see The valley of the kings or as called valley of the gates of the kings is the valley where the mighty Pharaohs and the most important kings in the history of ancient Egypt choose to be their gate for the second life. Chosen carefully to be hidden from the tomb raiders and treasure hunters, the Valley of the Kings lies in the heart of the west bank protected by mountains from all every side and surprisingly one of which is a natural shaped pyramid! With 63 discovered tombs so far, the valley of the kings offers a magnificent opportunity to step back into time and see how those kings lived all their life thinking about their second life they believed in and gave enough attention and efforts to building their tombs and enhance them with all these amazing drawings of religious acts and chapters of the book of the death. The pharaohs believed in the life after death and believed that the starting point would be their tombs. They recorded everything on the walls of their tombs. They stored treasures , gold , tools and food in the tombs to assist them in their journey to the other world. The biggest discovery ever was made by Howard Carter when he discovered the tomb of the famous King Tut Anck Amun . although the king died at a very young age and the tomb was never completed so it lacks the beauty of paintings and decorations that you may see in the other 62 tomb yet it is the most significant as it was the only tomb that the grave robbers have never managed to find. The treasures found in the tomb were unbelievable. Most of which are on display now in the Egyptian museum while the Kings mummy are displayed in the tomb itself where it belongs.

Temple Of Habu

In the quietness of the west bank of Luxor , there lies one of the most interesting temples of Egypt , Habu temple. Less visited than the larger ones but never less impressive. Dedicated to the king Ramsis III and God Amun, this temple represent a fine example of the Egyptian architecture , the colors on the columns of the Hypostyle hall shows how must it have been looking in its good days. The temple is very preserved and is surrounded by a massive Mid brick wall which shows that it was once fortified

Hatshepsut Temple

It is indeed a complex of mortuary temples and tombs and represent the art of funeral temples in Egypt .It marks a turning point in the architecture of Ancient Egypt, which forsook the megalithic geometry of the Old Kingdom for a temple which allowed for active worship, requiring the presence of participants to create its majesty. The temple does shed the light on the amazing legend of the battle between Queen Hatshepsuit , the first queen that rules Egypt , and Tutmose III where Tutomse tried to erase Hatshepsuit from the history of Egypt… but was never successful. One of the impressive facts of the temple is that the inner part of the temple was actually cut into the cliff and consists of a peristyle court, a hypostyle hall and an underground passage leading into the tomb of the King itself.

Deir El Madina ( Workers village)

Is an ancient Egyptian village which was home to the artisans who worked on the tombs in the Valley of the Kings. The settlement's ancient name was "Set Maat" translated as "The Place of Truth", and the workmen who lived there were called “Servants in the Place of Truth”. During the Christian era the temple of Hathor was converted into a Church from which the Arabic name Deir el-Medina "the monastery of the town" is derived. There you can see some beautiful decorated tombs for the head artists of the Valley of Kings tombs. You can see remains of the old village with houses, streets and markets. The surviving texts record the events of daily life rather than major historical incidents. Personal letters reveal much about the social relations and family life of the villagers. The ancient economy is documented by records of sales transactions that yield information on prices and exchange. Records of prayers and charms illustrate ordinary popular conceptions of the divine, whilst researchers into ancient law and practice find a rich source of information recorded in the texts from the village Deir El Madina is truly a finest example for the first community existed in the world.

Colossi of Memnon

The Colossi of Memnon are two giant rock status for Amonhetep III. It is believed that both were guarding the entrance of a huge temple which unfortunately not existing any more. Remains of the walls , columns, graphite have been found in the area and a project for restoration f the temple is on plan. In 27 BC, a large earthquake reportedly shattered the eastern colossus, collapsing it from the waist up and cracking the lower half. Following its rupture, the remaining lower half of this statue was then reputed to "sing" on various occasions- always within an hour or two of sunrise, usually right at dawn. That was the reason behind the name based on the legend of vocal Memnon. Memnon was a hero of the Trojan War, a King of Ethiopia who led his armies from Africa into Asia Minor to help defend the beleaguered city but was ultimately slain by Achilles. The name Memnon means "Ruler of the Dawn", and was probably applied to the colossi because of the reported cry at dawn of one of the statues.


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  • Egyptologist private tour guide
  • All entrance fees as per mentioned itinerary
  • Private transportation
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